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от | Сен 25, 2022 | Звенящие кедры / Анастасия

Дорогой друг,

I’m very honored to share that I was a speaker at this year’s Luminous Education Revolution event, hosted by Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan.

Dr. Edith has quickly become a dear friend. She is a Ringing Cedars reader, a world class healer, passionate advocate for all true freedoms, and a visionary educator. She really is an inspiring presence.

I gave a 1 hour presentation about Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars’ vision of education. It was released as part of Part 3 – Ancient Memories and Future Vision.

I took everything Anastasia, her grandfathers, Vladimir, and Shchetinin said about education throughout the entire Ringing Cedars series and condensed it down to a 40 slide presentation (which is available for download).

Anastasia and ringing cedars education gabriel Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada, Anastasia USA
Opening slide of my presentation. The background photo is a classroom at Shchetinin’s school in Russia. Amazing, right?

I’m incredibly proud of it. Edith told me she watched it 4 times, and got something new from it each time. (I was pretty humbled.)

Dr. Edith has managed to convene some of the brightest and most forward thinking leaders in the education space, to share their insights and learning on properly educating the new generation of luminous children. 

She has truly put together something spectacular and inspiring, and I feel that anyone looking to learn more about educating the next generation of our young ones would benefit from the program.

If you would like to see my presentation, and/or see everything that all the other speakers had to share, you can sign up for the Luminous Education 2022 Event here.

Here’s a list of the other speakers: 
Charles Eisenstein • Mas Sajady • Matías De Stefano • Jenisa Washington • Dr. Barre Paul Lando • Penny Kelly • Dr. Peter Gray • Dayna Martin • Nicole Young • John Chavez • Kaylaa Kayce • Melanie Williams • Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

Dr. Edith says: [This event is] the best of: holistic education, homeschooling, unschooling, self-directed learning, awakened parenthood, plus ancient memories, future vision, and holistic family life.

Everything we make from our affiliate link goes to support the growth of the Anastasia Foundation. 

Sign up for the Luminous Education 2022 Event here.

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