Canadian Kin's Domains

A comprehensive listing of Ringing Cedars Kin’s Domains in Canada! Includes people who live on land and those who don’t yet.


Svetlana Semina: “Alberta, Canada! Looking for people!” Facebook経由で連絡する

British Columbia:

Joy Melissa Faeli: Located in Victoria. Facebook経由で連絡する

Pamela Rempel: Located in Creston. 陸に住む! “Been creating our kin domain since 2012. I am in Creston, BC. I would love a visit from others anytime if you are passing by. Can see some photos of our place and what my husband and I are up to on this page.“.


Tomas Yudai: Facebook経由で連絡する

Nova Scotia:

Romana (and family): Located on Cape Breton Island. 陸に住む! Personal friend of mine. Very kind person! Also runs Lais Canada, which is a school similar in education to Mikhael Schectenin’s school in Russia! Facebook経由で連絡する


Claude Chaumette: 陸に住む! Photo of land: ここを見る Facebook経由で連絡する

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