Land Patent Defense and Enforcement Masterclass #2

Things you need to know about Land Patents.

Saturday, November 18th, 2023
Class begins at 7pm Eastern time, estimated time is 3 hours including Q&A

Do you want to learn how to defend and enforce a land patent? 

Have you ever wondered what to do with your land patent once you have it?

This is the class for you.

Learn from a true American hero with years of experience in enforcing land patents.

He was even issued a brand new land patent, in his name as the original grantee, on June 6th, 2023. 

His land wasn’t patented before. The state and federal government respected the Homestead Act (of 1862), and issued a new land patent for him. You’ll see it in the class.

You’ll learn about: 

  • The Homestead Act of 1862 (still in effect even today)
  • The Federal Land Policy and Management Act
  • The Schools and Institutional Trust Land Act
  • W. Virginia -vs- EPA Supreme Court Case

If you attended our Freedom and Co-Creation event last August, this is the perfect follow-up class for you.

This class will be a replay of the first Land Patent Defense and Enforcement Masterclass, including new and updated content, plus Q&A time.

This is a collaboration event, partnering with our longtime friends at the American Meeting Group.

$25 minimum gift required to attend. 

Gift Granted, conveyed and accepted as lawful money only. [per 12 USC 411]

Don’t miss this. This is essential knowledge for anyone interested in land patents!

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn some of the highest methods and strategies regarding the acquisition of a land patent in your name, and your ability to defend lawful homestead claims as an allodial grantee of record.

Register now by clicking the button below.

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Online Attendance Details: You will receive an email from Zoom, with your unique link to attend the class. The email will go to whatever email is associated with your bank card. If you have any issues, please contact for support. Attendees will be able to access replay for up to 2 weeks after event.

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A Warranty Deed is not a Title to your land, and never will be. If you look closely you may be surprised to discover you think you’re an owner, but you’re only listed as a tenant. The only true Title to your land is a Land Patent, which finally makes you the true land owner with the unalienable rights granted by God and protected by the Constitutions.”

– Ron Gibson

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Land Patents Fulfill Anastasia’s Requirements for Creating Kin’s Domains

Answering the question of why land patents are important for American Ringing Cedars readers

Land Patents are the true fulfillment of Anastasia’s requirements for creating Kin’s Domains in the USA, as described in Book 4, “Co-Creation”, in the chapter “Even Today Everyone Can Build a Home”.

Anastasia says: “Take one hectare of land in that place for yourself in perpetuity.” She continues later, “And take advantage of the most favourable of all the existing laws.”

Vladimir replies: “I don’t know all the laws, of course, but I’m sure there is no law allowing someone to take possession of a parcel of land in perpetuity.

Anastasia replies: “Well then, we can start by taking it for a shorter span of time, but we need at once to plan a law so that everyone may have his own parcel of ground, his own Motherland. Whether or not and to what degree the country flourishes as a state depends on this. And if there is no appropriate law at the moment, well, you will have to make one.”

Of course, she is speaking of Russia, but in the United States of America, we already have land patents. Land Patents are the most favourable existing law in the USA.

All land patents use the same language — they give and grant a particular tract of land to a man or woman, and their heirs and assigns (you, if  you buy the land), forever.

Gallery of Real Land Patents
With the “his/her heirs and assigns forever” language highlighted.

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