Jakob from Southern Ontario

Hello. You all have a beautiful innocent radiant heart, each and every one of you. I love you all because each and every one of you has a beautiful innocent radiant heart. Your hearts are all beautiful because the beautiful sum of co-creation converges there. Your hearts are all innocent because the innocence of pure experience is at the core of all hearts. And your hearts are radiant, because, no matter how overstimulated your nervous systems become with the conditioned responses of our ancestors at the beginning of our enslavement, the beautiful light of pure innocent consciousness is experiencing your life and perspective with you in perfect detail and fidelity and no matter how much more pain piles on top of our original sin, that radiance continues to press our spiritual evolution forward within the matrix of our intention; we are maturing as divine co-creators as we learn to integrate the pain of our past experiences with the light of our beautiful innocent radiant hearts.
As a child, I communed with God in the garden, and in the field, and between the tick and the tock of the living room clock. I learned from the hornets and wasps in the attic of my dad's shop and the goats and chickens in the barnyard. I learned from my beloved cat, Sammy, and I learned from all of the trees that I loved to climb. I learned from venturing and exploring around my grandparents' cottage and the woodlot at my Oma's and Opa's. I learned from the tomato plant who I kissed and knew. I learned from the mulberry tree, whose season was short and absolutely delicious and whose berries would fall into my mouth sometimes in those open-hearted moments of mutual faith. I learned from my mother, who, when asked by a six-year-old Jakob who or what God was, replied that many people say many things, but only I could know for myself through my own self-discovery. What a blessing. What an island of consciousness I became.
What a tragedy it may have seemed when I realized that I would rather conduct an experiment in playing small than fulfil my spiritual ego's desire to lead a cultural movement. What a betrayal it may have seemed to deny my beautiful innocent radiant heart by reinstating the enslaved programming of my technocratic cultural heritage and its empty promise to relieve us from our nihilism. What a weight to take on. What a calculated risk. I still question it to this day, but now that I see what is happening in Russia I think that the calculation was sound.
Russia's advantage is their ancestral connection to the culture and the land, and the intuitive effect that it has had on their decision making and values. Their cultural narrative has prepared them to more readily connect to their land. We have a more colonial narrative to contend with here, even though, through reading the Ringing Cedar's book series and letting our souls resonate with Anastasia's intention erases any colonial intention we may have had. I still lack confidence or I would be settled on my own parcel by now, but as I retrain my neurons to acknowledge and appreciate my beautiful innocent radiant heart, my confidence is growing and I can feel the land become more receptive of my intention.
The music is returning to my heart as I meet more people who resonate with Anastasia’s dream.
Thank you for being here, all who engage, and thank you for co-creating this online space of loving community.
For and from our beautiful, innocent, radiant hearts' love!