Greetings from Charisma in southern Colorado

Hi, I'm Joyce and my kins domain is south of Pueblo, Colorado. My husband and I have been here for 7 years with the dream of starting a community here. Our kins domain and future community are called Charisma. I read the ringing cedars books in 2007 and have been working toward communities in North America ever since. We formed three planning groups in Denver in 2007, 2009 and 2012. With each of those we extensively researched Grant opportunities and government regulations related to kins domains in America. In 2008 we formed a North American phone group called North American Kins Council with representatives from 8-10 planning groups from Canada, U.S. and Hawaii. So far, I believe the only member of that North American consortium participating in this forum is Donanne from Maine. She was the organizer of the planning group from Maine and very active in the original forum in 2006-8. We learned a lot from all these planning groups including the fact that regulations preventing our kin domain community dreams are consistent in all US states and Canada and at all levels of government (county, city, state). I and my husband have never ceased looking for ways to get through or around these restrictions. We have found options but not easy ones.

In the meantime we have been building our own off-grid kins domain from raw land. We have built our home, planted some trees, tried several methods for gardening in a semi-arid climate, developed off-grid systems for a simple lifestyle and deepened our relationship with the Nature and land here. Our Space of Love is taking shape.
Some people have joined us and tried to establish a kins domain here but have not stayed. It is extremely difficult to establish a lifestyle on raw land, off-grid with cold winters and in harmony with Nature. Nevertheless, we continue our efforts with a dream of finding solutions that will make the transition more feasible for people coming from the modern world lifestyles.

Bright thoughts from Charisma, Colorado
at Charisma, becoming
one of Earth's most beautiful spots.