Re: What does Anastasia say about mosquitoes?

I think I may be able to contribute something worthwhile here but it comes in the form of a story and isn't a direct answer to the OP with regards to Anastasia's own words...

5 years ago I went on vision quest, traveling from the East coast near Savannah, GA, West, to Salt Lake City where I relocated for a few years to be involved with a group of similarly minded spiritually inclined individuals as myself. I rode a motorcycle and camped all but 1 night of 9 in total. To say the experience was life-changing would be an egregious understatement. Context aside, on the 3rd night of my journey, I camped at a park in Kentucky. I encountered several different species of wildlife that day/night, each bringing with them a particular energy that imparted in me some understanding or another. The one creature I could not yet understand was the tick who had found a yummy spot on the top of my right foot to feed on while I slept. When I awoke I found it there, almost fully engorged. I didn't have tweezers to grab and remove it properly so I did my best to gently grab its body and wiggle it until it released its grip. It being nearly full probably helped. I pulled on my socks and boots and went on my way.

I experienced mild discomfort that day on the ride and realized when I arrived at my next campsite that the tick bite had caused my foot to swell inside my boot, nearly to the point that I thought I was going to have to cut the boot off of my foot. When I finally did get my foot out, I saw that the bite had swollen and was dark like a bruise. I dealt with the discomfort for the next two days.

When I arrived at a state park in S. Dakota, I was treated to a part of the campsite usually reserved for people with horses, where I met and slept beneath a wonderful old oak tree. At one point that evening, I was laying on the ground at the base of the great grandfather oak and realized that the wind seemed to be causing the branches to respond to thoughts that were going through my mind. I could go into this further but suffice it to say that I believe that I had a conversation with a Slyph elemental that used the oak tree as a telephone of sorts. When I realized that i was in communication with an elemental, I naturally had some questions about things that I had experienced so far in my trip regarding the development of latent functions like telepathy, xenotelepathy, energy, manifestation, magic, etc. The conversation was light and filled with laughter given through the play of light and sounds of the leaves as the wind would blow. Though I had an idea of the answer to the question, I had to ask... Is there any way that mother nature could, more or less magically, heal the nasty tick bite.

The answer that came happened through my imagination so that I saw how the tick had bitten me in a very specific spot on the top of my foot correlating to a point where prana passes through the nadi channel that I learned later is called the gulpha marma in Ayurveda. I saw that my removal of the tick was what had caused the inflammation. If I had the wherewithal to allow it to finish sucking out energies and toxins through that marma point, I would have had a very different experience. My action of removing the tick ran counter to what I had known already that animals, including those we call pests have purpose and should be viewed outside of the normal "Eek" factor state of mind. I accepted the reality of the situation that I had not been correctly oriented at that time to allow nature to perform energetic surgery and draw out something related to my prior lack of movement in life (the correlation of the right/active foot being put forward as I had taken a huge leap out of my comfort zone and gone on vision quest.) The conversation continued a bit, but I shortly grew tired and took an afternoon nap.
By the next morning, the swelling had gone down considerably, but a mark remained on the top of my foot as a reminder to me for more than a year after the bite that if bitten by a creature in nature who is drawing sustenance from your blood/energies, to overcome the squeemishness and allow the surgery to occur.

As a final note, I was able to fully put this to practice a few days after I finally arrived in SLC, sitting against a tree in Liberty Park, reading the book Black Elk Speaks that I picked up at Bear Butte near Sturgis, SD and having a lunch picnic, I was in the full glow of the effects of my journey and found myself suddenly covered in countless tiny insects; there were tiny aphids, ants, spiders, several species of each and a few others that I couldn't identify. Rather than panic because I'd sat down in a place that I shouldn't have, I recalled the lesson and realized that I had picked the spot for a reason and just sat there, reading my book and observing these insects. They were simultaneously checking me out because of my energy at the time and also were helping to clear out my pores exactly as was told by Anastasia. When I found the Ringing Cedars books last year and read her explanation I was thrown back to that time and was overjoyed to see written something as incredible as I had experienced and come to understand.

Only a few bites struck me as painful/uncomfortable in the moment, but I held still regardless and the pain of the little bites on my skin actually turned into a tickling sensation instead and I had to restrain myself from bursting into hysterical laughter because of it. This went on for half an hour maybe and when I decided that I wanted to move, I sent the thought to all of the insects on and near me that I was grateful for their company and any benefit that I might have by their tiny bites, and that I would like to get up now but didn't want to hurt anyone. Without delay, the entire insect army that had been crawling all over me dispersed. It was surreal, but I knew that I had experienced something very real and that I should be so lucky as to have created a relationship with nature that resulted in this type of experience. By the time I got back in that day and had a look at my arms and legs, neck, face, ears, etc where the insects had been doing their work, I saw that I didn't have a single mark or blemish, even where I had actually felt the pain of a bite that was then tolerated rather than a cause for literal physical agitation.