To change political structure we must understand it's nature.

Gabriel wrote this about politics related to our kins domain dreams, "This is such an important topic that I felt it was necessary to dedicate an entire forum to it. Land rights, the Family Party, and legislation for the allotment of a hectare of land for every family (plus laws supporting the creation of settlements) are fundamental topics for the future of our countries and the world."

The primacy and cardinal nature of what Gabriel expressed in this preamble to his proposal in another topic cannot be overstated. Martha Gellhorn, an author, wrote, "People often say, with pride, 'I’m not interested in politics.' They might as well say, 'I’m not interested in my standard of living, my health, my job, my rights, my freedoms, my future or any future. ... If we mean to keep control over our world and lives, we must be interested in politics."

Either we are interested enough in politics to learn from it how to self-govern ourselves and our domains or we are governed by those who wish to profit from our life energy. Most of the efforts to gain freedom from the limitations of local and national governments come only from resistance to being controlled. The energy of resistance by itself leads only to winners and losers. Our prisons are well populated with the losers in political resistance battles. Resistance and Revolutions are routine events around the globe but ultimately they change nothing. In order to free oneself from the shackles of government control, one must first discover how the shackles function; how they were constructed; how the people were brought to the point of willing, even grateful, acceptance of the shackles; how the shackles are kept locked even when resistance emerges?

Finding those answers requires an energy more powerful than resistance, more powerful than doubt, neediness, fear, hatred, or all of the dark force energies combined. The answers require the most powerful energy in all of Space, the thoughts of Man (Book 6, pg.148, Black edition) In fact, the political shackles and how they function came into being from the minds of Man. Only by expanding our own personal awareness and ability to wield this power innate to us, will each of us be able to free ourselves of the political agendas. The limits of our freedom are set in place and maintained by limiting our mind activity. The battle for freedom to acquire land, build and self-govern from within, must take place within. I will add one more thought of my own to Martha Gellhorn's quote above. "We can only understand politics and free ourselves from its prisons by finding and freeing our thought from the political programs that function to confine our thought to limitation and conflict."

When one begins pulling the loose threads in our thought that are associated with the politically installed thought patterns, what eventually becomes visible is that much of what we consider solidly "real or reality" is actually overlying and hiding our true nature, true power, true abilities that we have been stopped from using. These cannot be governed but can be hidden and silenced beneath a false belief system. In fact what we call the "modern system" is actually an extremely complex pervasive and limiting false "belief system" that we are taught subtly and overtly from conception to death. That belief system is filled with platitudes, promises, fears, rules, hungers and more that act as barriers preventing the full use of our minds. We can change our relationship with governments and laws only to the point of our willingness to find and free our thought from the false reality installed in our thinking by the government's highest level thinkers.

Governments are not living beings with volition or intent. Government is literally just pieces of paper with words and symbols on it. Those words and symbols were put there by Man with a dream to control people. They can therefore be comprehended by Man and accepted or rejected by man.

The problem with rejecting the words/symbols is that our acceptance was voluntary in the outer events but were also forced at the thought level through the functioning programs instilled continuously in our minds from conception. Those governing programs lead people to perceive only futile options for permanently rejecting the governing structure. 1) Fight against the various governing agencies (War). 2) Fight for change in laws that many people don't want (democracy, another form of war). 3) Expatriate from your country but not to another country (doable but severely dangerous unless you have gained conscious use of all your natural mind function as shown by Anastasia in her encounter with the opposition in book three). 4) Employ gentle metaphysical and spiritual solutions such as prayer or visualizing, or symbolic ways of accessing higher power (while these can have some effect they do not unravel the false reality and make the separate realities of our government and nature visible and therefore useful).

The programmed thought patterns that constitute the "modern system" effectively lead the people away from the only option that can truly free us and our heirs into the future -- the expansion of our use of mind energy. That mind energy is born fully in each of us at conception but quickly enslaved to someone else's agenda to control. This option of expanding one's use and capacity of mind is resisted by nearly everyone to some degree with comments like, "I'm not interested in that stuff. That's too right brained for me. But I think this president is going to fix things for us -- he said he would. I'm not a good reader or researcher. There's just too much paper and too many words to wade through. I don't have time, I want a shortcut. I have more important things that I must attend to." ...and on and on. The good news is that many people before us were not afraid of this task and committed their life energy to the unraveling. Each shared what they learned and more people came along who committed their life energy to build on that. Over the past 100 years or so thousands of men and women have contributed to this unraveling of the inner and outer governing of our lives. Their work did not get rid of our own personal need to gain greater mind awareness and strength, but it certainly and dramatically shortened the unraveling part in relation to the mountains of paper, words and symbols that govern us.

More good news is that the Men who established the government realities and how to lock people into them, had to follow certain rules, primary among them is to always state the real nature of their governance thereby leaving a safe honoring path out of the governing structure for those determined enough and free enough in mind to find it. To protect the interests of the "governors" those disclosures and the associated open paths are so well hidden and disguised that it's like looking for a needle in a field of haystacks. Even the government employees are generally unaware of them. However, the work that our predecessors have done for us is to narrow the search to a particular haystack, and even a particular place in the haystack. For some, the governing programs are so strong that even that much expansion of use of mind energy is too much. That is not a statement of judgment or sadness, but a simple recognition that we each have our time and our role in this transition.

The lion's share of restructuring that is required to free ourselves to self-govern, must take place in the mind with the freeing of our thought from false beliefs in limitation and conflict. The remaining outer restructuring will follow without fail.

I will gradually share posts on Gabriel's expressed interest in "Land rights, the Family Party, and legislation for the allotment of a hectare of land for every family (plus laws supporting the creation of settlements)" and more.
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Re: To change political structure we must understand it's nature.

Great post. Even as people are awakening and standing up for their medical rights, I feel a lot of the energy comes from resistance and only feeds into the division. "What you resists persists." It's a tricky balance to feel the excitement of the possibility of change, while avoiding being sucked into a "revolution" that will only repeat the cycle of catastrophe that Anastasia describes in book 2.

I like what you said about "Governments are not living beings with volition or intent." We can't help but anthropomorphize "the Government" or the ever elusive "They," conjuring the image of a classic Disney villain plotting diabolical schemes in a secret lair (which of course is part of the programming that has been installed in us since childhood). But words and symbols on paper, the thought forms of past men, lie static... a riddle to be solved instead of a dragon to be slain.

I ordered hardcovers of the Blacks Law Dictionary and the Uniform Commercial Code and am looking forward to the journey!