Dear Divine Siblings

I did not introduce myself after joining some weeks ago, so here I go now! Coblan and I are some of those lucky ones who found each other before finding the series, and I want to share a bit of my gratitude and love for him first thing ^_^. We discovered RC nearly a year ago, referred by a friend we had just made in our brief stay in Vermont. Since then we have been dreaming nonstop of creating our own Space of Love. It's forcing us to grow up and ask ourselves big questions and make plans for preparing at least for our child's future, and hopefully for grandchildren and further, too. I'll be 32 soon and am "feeling the clock", but I'm learning to trust that there is plenty of time for it all, and there is great peace in this. We will always be healthy and full of vitality on our little slice of paradise! If anyone reading this feels called to reach out for a new connection, please do. We seek more creators in our circle. We are near Austin, TX right now and are more or less from here, but we won't be building here. Location is still TBD, but feels closer every day. Much love to all who read this, and to all our brothers and sisters!

Make wonderful days,