Questions for Anastasia

I had the idea to gather questions for Anastasia. You can reply with a list of questions and I will update it in the list here. If a question has already been answered in one of the books, I will add it to a separate list. We can give the list to Vladimir Megre (we need to find someone to translate it to Russian) and if he is ok with it, he can give the questions to Anastasia next time he meets her.


-How does Man prevent being bitten by insects? Or do they provide benefit to Man if they do bite?

-How does Man train an animal which could be potentially dangerous to Man? Training a young animal can be done, but approaching for example a bear family with the mother not being used to Man, might not be a good idea.

-How does Man maintain conscious awareness all the time?

-Why do animals, reptiles, insects, etc. have to kill and eat each other?

-Why are some plants/fungi lethal to Man?

Re: Questions for Anastasia

It seems one cannot find the curve of the Earth wherever one looks for it. We can see across dozens and sometimes over a hundred miles from shore to shore of lakes and seas (with a fancy telescope or camera). This, among years of researching other facts like the stars being in the exact same magical positions for millenia, the moon gives off cold light, etc, have led me to believe our world is not at all a globe, but the still center if all creation. It's been hard to reconcile what are called "planets" in the books. Even the Bible says the Earth is still and motionless, we are not spinning through "space" at incomprehensible speeds. What does Anastasia have to say about the shape of our world? Is it round, flat, hollow, whatever, just give us some specifics please :-) And maybe some commentary into the cartoon world of space agencies. And are there really other lands on Earth, such as Terra Vista or Lemuria? If so, are they inhabited and who are these beings in relation to us?
I know thats a lot. But they are such huge questions I do not know how else to answer yet.

Thank you, Anastasia. For everything you have ever given us, from your light to your love to your teachings and inspiration. Thank you.