Divine Self-Love as the Foundation of Kin's Domains

YOUR beautiful innocent radiant heart is where YOUR divine particle of God's pure consciousness resides. The more your organism's nervous system is conditioned to rely upon this fact as the PRIMARY source of its motivation and comfort, the more divine leadership your organism will allow itself to follow in the fulfilment of the divine dream of heaven on earth. Your beautiful innocent radiant heart knows exactly how everything in the universe IS designed to perfectly serve the evolutionary maturation of all organisms into the self-realized consciousness of universally perfect harmony with human beings at the apex of divine consciousness. All divine particles of God's pure consciousness are created equal, and ALL of you have your own divine particle IN YOUR HEART. Your divine particle has the same quality of pure consciousness as Jesus' or Anastaisa's divine particle, but your organism's nervous system's programming isn't yet accepting this element of your being as your PRIMARY source of comfort and motivation unless it actually is, in which case these words are probably not triggering at all because there is no perceivable threat or advantage to your beauty, innocence or radiance.

I believe that the majority of people who are successfully establishing their Kin's Domains in the context of Eternity have already trained their organisms to rely upon their own divine particles as their PRIMARY source of comfort and motivation. I congratulate all who have managed to do this because, in the context of today's cultural programming which is designed specifically to distract us from our divine particles, this is no small feat.

So, do you notice how beautiful, innocent and radiant your heart is right now? If you don't, pay your heart more attention, no matter what your programming says about what you need for comfort and motive. If you do notice, keep noticing until your attention can never again be stolen away from the beautiful, innocent and radiant divine being that you are. These are my instructions to me in the process of creating a space of love both on a hectare somewhere on this planet and in the impression that I am making on my experience right now.
For and from our beautiful, innocent, radiant hearts' love!