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Re: To change political structure we must understand it's nature.

Great post. Even as people are awakening and standing up for their medical rights, I feel a lot of the energy comes from resistance and only feeds into the division. "What you resists persists." It's a tricky balance to feel the excitement of the possibility of change, while avoiding being...

Re: The Politcal Future of Kin's Domains and the Ringing Cedars Movement

Hi Joyce-M, thanks for sharing your findings. One of the shocking things I remember from reading the books was realizing just how ill-equipped a "free" country like the USA is to create Kin's Domains. Whereas Russia was in the perfect position to start giving land back to the people. We'll...

Re: Aloha from Hawaii!

I have been in contact via facebook with Jeffery Gratton and Zac Harris who are developing a Kin's Domain community on Big Island's Hamakua Coast (away from the lava!). My fiance's mother also said "Anastasia is the female Christ walking the Earth today!" She's great, a true original hippie!

Aloha from Hawaii!

My name is Lauren. My fiancé and I are musicians and artists based out of Montauk, NY. We have relocated to the island of Kauai where we are currently searching for land for our Kin's Domain. I started reading the first book in Sept 2016 and finished the series in 4 months. In a synchronistic way, j...

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